Select Your Help Day

To enable FDRC to run smoothly and deliver clinics and competitions throughout the year WE NEED YOUR HELP. The club is run by members for members, so everyone who joins needs to muck in. Please look at the dates below and let Catherine Warburton (), our Help Day Organiser, know the date or dates you would like to do as your help day.  For all Area 20 help days mileage is paid. We cannot send Area 20 teams to compete without helpers. Helpers don't have to be members - they can also be family and friends. Once you are down for a help day, we will contact you beforehand with times, location, duties, etc - so please be on the lookout for messenger or emails from us. You can either do one full day or two half days - show jumping clinics represent a half day.
Please select help days which will not impact your own health and safety, poles and SJ clinics will involve manual handling of equipment.



Date Event Name (or number of helpers required)
05/11/2023 Area 20 Dressage Comp at Somerford Park Cathy Upton
09/11/2023  SJ with Paul at Maelor Joanne Pike 5.45-8.15
11/11/2023 Area 20 Show Jumping Comp at Kelsall Hill Rosemary Clarke
13/11/2023  Poles with Paul at Equiti Sharon Hughes 5.45-9.15
16/11/2023  Poles and Cones with Adrian at Equiti Carolyn Benson
 18/11/2023  Dressage Comp at Northop Claire Wilson, Jo Bradley, 1 more Helper needed
 23/11/2023 Show Jumping with Liam at Equiti Sharon Smith
30/11/2023  Poles with Paul at Equiti Delyth Wanklyn 5.45-8.15
 02/12/2023  Dressage Comp at Northop 3 Helpers needed
11/12/2023  Poles and Cones with Adrian at Equiti Sam Edwards 5.45-9.15
14/12/2023  Poles with Paul at Equiti Zara Prior 5.45-8.15
18/12/2023  Poles with Paul at Equiti Rosemary Price 5.45-9.15