Select Your Help Day

To enable FDRC to run smoothly and deliver clinics and competitions throughout the year WE NEED YOUR HELP. The club is run by members for members, so everyone who joins needs to muck in. Please look at the dates below and let Catherine Warburton, our Help Day Organiser, know the date or dates you would like to do as your help day.  There is £20 given for all Area 20 help days (plus fuel). We cannot send Area 20 teams to compete without helpers. Helpers don't have to be members - they can also be family and friends. Once you are down for a help day, we will contact you beforehand with times, location, duties, etc - so please be on the lookout for texts/emails from us. You can either do one full day or two half days - show jumping clinics represent a half day. As an alternative to attending a help day, the committee is looking for help in:
* Writing (drafting) press articles
* Running the club's You Tube channel
* Getting Flickr set up for the club and helping to maintain it
* Photography work
Work related to these activities would count as a help duty.  If you would like more information and feel you have the skills needed, please contact Janet Read on


DateEventName (or number of helpers required)
 16/09/2021 Poles & Cones with Adrian Wong, Tyddyn Farm 5.45-8.30Sarah Pearce
 23/09/2021 Poles with Paul Davies, Northop 5.45-8.15Charlotte Woodcock
26/09/2021Dressage Comp Tyddyn Farmone helper needed 9.15-12.30; Fran McNichol
 04/10/2021 Poles & Cones with Adrian Wong, Tyddyn Farm 5.45-8.30Rhian Pierce
 07/10/2021 SJ with Richard Jones, Hafod 6.15-8.45Iona Pierce
 18/10/2021 Poles with Paul Davies, EquitiAbi E Cocking 5.45-9.15
 28/10/2021 Poles with Paul Davies, Northop 5.45-8.15Heather Bibby
30/10/21Dressage Comp Tyddyn Farm2 helpers needed, am and pm shift
31/10/21Area 20 Dressage, Somerfordhelpers needed
 04/11/2021 SJ with Richard Jones, Hafod 6.15-8.451 Helper needed
07/11/21Area 20 Show Jumping, Kelsall2 helpers needed
 15/11/2021 Poles with Paul Davies, EquitiKate Williams
20/11/21Dressage Comp Tyddyn FarmSophie Cocking am, 1 helper needed pm shift
 25/11/2021 Poles with Paul Davies, Northop 5.45-8.15Suzanne Roberts
 02/12/2021 SJ with Richard Jones, Hafod 6.15-8.451 Helper needed
 13/21/2021 Poles with Paul Davies, Equiti1 helper needed
19/12/21Christmas Dressage Comp Tyddyn Farm2 helpers needed, am and pm shift
23/12/2021 Poles with Paul Davies, Northop 5.45-8.151 helper needed