Day rallies are often held to facilitate cross-country, show jumping or dressage training, or a combination of all three.  Rallies are held in various locations such as Mostyn Farm Ride, Somerford Park or Kelsall Hill.

Currently for 2024 the club has 1 day rally planned at Clwyd Special Riding Centre, 27/04/24. The day includes dressage, the option of polework or jumping, use of the all weather track and a taster session on the mechanical horse.

To book see the 'Whats on' page.

Day rallies are also held for novice horses and/or riders.  Whilst some riders are apprehensive about cross-country session, a day rally can help a rider to achieve great things, from getting their water adverse horse through water, to jumping logs, stepping over ditches, stepping down from steps and even jumping a house.

Due to the success and popularity of these rallies, the club has used the facilities at Clwyd Special Riding Centre for a residential grassroots weekend.

For more information, see our grassroots weekend page.