Dressage – Competition Information

All dressage classes will be competitive and for over 18’s only.  There will be only one league at each level.

Eight of the eleven competition scores will count towards the league but you must have attended at least four competitions over the year.  If you win the dressage league at a particular level you are expected to move up to the next level. Please note that only the competitor may ride/warm up the horse prior to competing.

No instructors, assistants or anyone dismounted are allowed within the warm up arena.  No lunging is permitted and out of consideration for other riders, no coaching from the side-lines. Entries close at 5pm the Wednesday preceding the competition
Please note no refunds can be made once entries have closed.  Competition times are only available on the website.

Northop require that hay-nets are not given on the car park and all droppings are cleared.  All test sheets are available to buy on the BD website.  If there are any problems on show day, please call the new club comp day phone on 07598715390.

The annual dressage league runs from January until December each year. There are luxury rosettes to 6th place and trophies for the winners which are presented at the Annual General Meeting in February.