Both clinics, competitions and any other activities run by the club are covered by this policy and will
be collectively referred to as events. This policy applies to all those taking part in club activities,
whether members or non-members, collectively referred to as participants. This policy does not
apply to BRC Area 20 events.

Cancellations by the club

On rare occasions, due to circumstances outside the club’s control, it may be necessary for the club to
cancel an event that has already been advertised and has participants booked to attend. In this
instance either a transfer to an alternative date or a full refund will be issued to all those booked on
the event at the time of cancellation. No further entries will be accepted.

Cancellations by an individual participant

If a participant is no longer able to attend an event they have booked they should email the organiser
directly on the published email address for that event. In order to minimise the incidence of events
running at a significant loss, no refund will be due unless the clinic is full and the released space can
be filled. Where the clinic is full and the space can be filled, a refund will be issued less an
administration fee of £4.

Cancellation due to adverse weather

In the event of adverse weather, the event organiser, the instructor or judge (as applicable) and a
representative from the venue, will, together be responsible for the decision as to whether it is safe
to proceed with the event. If the event is cancelled, then the ‘cancellations by the club’ policy will
apply. Where the venue and major access routes are deemed safe, the decision to attend will be at
the discretion of the participant and the ‘cancellations by an individual participant’ policy will apply.
The committee, organisers, venues, instructors and judges are not responsible for any adverse
outcome as a result of any participant’s decision to attend and individuals are expected to make their
own judgement regarding the safety of their personal route to the event.