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Dressage Times June 19th  - Northop


PLEASE NOTE: It is the rider's responsibility to check their times on the website prior to the competition.  Mistakes cannot be rectified on the day of the competition.  Please remember FDRC Rules - no instructors or assistants (or anyone dismounted) within the warm-up area, only the competitor must warm up their horse(s).
No lunging in warm up. Please note arena walks are available to help your horse settle into the indoor arena. Riders can be mounted or on foot. If leading your horse please make sure you have a riding hat and gloves on. The club member on the arena door will send you in on the left rein then we will let you know when to change the rein. You can cut across the top of the arena through the gap in the white boards before the judges car.
Northop Rules: No hay nets on car park, please clear all droppings.

If there are any problems arising from these times, please email Steph Craney on